Can we afford to wreck relations with Russia?

Sevim Dagdelen: "It is worrying that the Federal Government is currently provoking a Cold War in its relations with Russia. The fact that Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle even went as far as lending unconditional support to the Ukrainian opposition, encompassing the fascist Svoboda party, which speaks of a Russian-Jewish conspiracy in connection with events in Ukraine, represents a shocking escalation.

Preaching to Russia on the issue of human rights is particularly inappropriate at a time when it is becoming clear that state agencies in Germany covered up the terrorism of the NSU in Germany for years.

We need a new policy of détente in Europe. Instead of imperial bluster towards Russia, we must finally strive for a partnership amongst equals. This means refraining from involvement in the nuclear armament project aimed at Russia: the Nato missile defence shield. German foreign policy must stop encouraging anti-Russian sentiment in order to boost its own prestige."

Sevim Dagdelen, 38, from The Left Party, is Spokeswoman on International Relations