No information available concerning attacks on civilians

Libya: no holds barred in moves to wage war

The German Federal Government confirms that Security Resolution 1973 on Libya was drafted on the basis of lies

The reasons given to provide legitimacy for the war against Libya were lies. Something which has long been criticised by many in the peace movement has now been confirmed by the Federal Government in its answer to a Minor Interpellation (Bundestag printed paper 17/5409), under the heading "Background to the armed attack on Libya". The Federal Government states that it "does not possess any detailed information about attacks on civilians by the Libyan Air Force." It also states the same with regard to information about breaches of the ceasefire by the Libyan Air Force. The alleged widespread and systematic bomb attacks on civilians by the Libyan military never took place. The Federal Government was also unable to explain why protection of civilians and access to humanitarian aid would not have been possible without the use of force by the West.

Preventing such alleged bomb attacks against civilians was given as the key aim of Security Council Resolution 1973 of 18 March 2011. The idea was to justify the necessity of implementing a no-fly zone over Libya and the military measures taken afterwards, on the basis of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. This war lie has now been exposed.

The comments made by the German Federal Government, which is currently represented on the United Nations Security Council as one of the 10 non-permanent members, make clear that the analysis of the Libyan situation carried out before the decision to use military means was extremely vague and patchy. Independent and confirmed reports of targeted military attacks carried out by the Gaddafi regime on unarmed civilians in Libya are still not available. And the Federal Government even evidently has difficulties in understanding why the Security Council declared the existence of a threat to world peace.

The Federal Government also had to admit that it was only the armed opposition which breached the no-fly zone established. One of its combat jets was intercepted and forced to land.

Whilst the Federal Government, faced with these war lies, is pretending it has nothing do with the civil war in Libya, it also admits maintaining contacts to one of the parties to the conflict which is part of the armed Libyan opposition.

The war against Libya began with lies. In the name of human rights and ensuring access to humanitarian aid, innocent people are dying as a result of the bomb attacks launched by Nato and the escalation of the civil war which they triggered. The support being given to the armed opposition is not a sign of solidarity with the democratic uprising in the Arab world. Indeed, the true reason for the war is to be found far more in Nato’s desire to achieve regime change through violent means in this oil-rich country, which is strategically important both for control of the Mediterranean and for the exertion of political influence in Africa.

By Sevim Dagdelen, member of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs and spokeswoman on international relations for the parliamentary group of The Left Party.