Sevim Dagdelen auf BBC World zu Assange

Mr. Assange had a visitor today, the far left German MP, Sevim Dagdelen.

How is Assange at the moment?

Dagdelen: The Ecuadorian embassy is not the biggest embassy, I think, but he’s coming along with his situation and he’s well.

And what did you talk about?

Dagdelen: I have sent solidarity regards to Julian Assange from the left and the online community in Germany because we are greatly indebted to Mr. Assange that he uncovered the war crimes in Iraq and in Afghanistan

I can understand why you would wish to give your support to Mr. Assange but he needs a little bit more than solidarity in the moment, doesn’t he?

Dagdelen: Yes, of course. Mr. Assange was very pleased about my visit because he and me were amazed that I’m the first MP of Germany to visit him and I would like more of my collegues from other countries to come over to London and seek a humanitarian solution to this crisis and we as parliamentarians should demand that our governments act and thats why my next steps in this case will involve meeting with British and Swedish dipomats in Berlin in order to discuss a solution to the crisis.