„We need more, but not less cooperation with China.“

German MP Sevim Dagdelen with Gérard Araud, former Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations on CGTN Europe – The Agenda on June 23, 2023.

It’s time for China and Europe to rise above their differences and find creative solutions to solve global problems like climate change and poverty. That was the message from Li Qiang at the end of his first overseas visit since becoming Chinese Premier earlier this year. At the end of a week where he visited Germany and France to talk trade and cooperation, he also made China’s views on future relationships very clear, stating: „China will unequivocally reject trade protectionism and all forms of decoupling and severing of supply chain.“

So what does all that mean for China’s future relationships with Europe, and indeed the rest of the world? In this edition of The Agenda, Juliet Mann speaks to Sevim Dağdelen, Member of the German Bundestag and deputy chairwoman of the German-Chinese Parliamentary Friendship Group, Gérard Araud – Former Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations.

Source: CGTN Europe – The Agenda

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